School of Family Finance Planning

Private project of Anna and Pavel Dengins - experts with experience

Pavel and Anna Dengins

In order to share our knowledge and skills, and also create opportunities for the financial development of children and parents, we are creating the Dengin's project : we collect everything that seems interesting to us, we are working on interactive formats. We are ready to co-create with for your well-being and financial health.

Our principles


We love design thinking and innovative approaches to solving life problems. Therefore, each of our lessons, services or programs is a creative adventure in financial life for the whole family.

Personal experience

Everything we tell and show is personal experience. If there is none, then we go into the research process together with you in order to discuss the result

Dialogue and Feedback

We do not impose our opinion and are not silent if we have something to say. We love open dialogue, constructive discussion and exchange of experience. Family finance management is not an exact science, you can’t get by with math alone, so we welcome flexibility and common sense

What students says about us

Good evening. Anna, thank you very much for the intensive "Financial Development 2+". You are very generous in sharing information. She was the sea, and not just honored and forgotten. And I read, looked, thought, calculated and applied. The financial development of the child begins first of all with himself. And you make it clear. And you also feel very subtly what information needs to be given when adjusting the intensive program. One gets the feeling that the program is tailored individually for everyone, as if you have a personal mentor in matters of financial education. From the intensive for myself, I learned that I am going in the right direction, increasing the financial literacy of myself and my children. And also ideas on how to introduce a child to the world of money and form financial habits. Thank you. It was a pleasure to be a part of such a project!